The Tom Redmond Trophy

About Tom Redmond:


In 1978 Tom Redmond, then Technical Services Manager at International Oil Insurers (IOI), approached a number of his chemical engineering colleagues in the London market and put forward the idea of an informal forum for the interchange of technical views relating to the insurance of oil, gas and petrochemical risks. Tom Redmond thus became the founder of the Oil & Petrochemicals Risks Association (OPRA) and a member of the first OPRA committee.


Later to become Oil, Petrochemical & Energy Risks Association (OPERA), the Association continues to this day as a technical forum as envisaged by Tom and is governed in accordance with the OPERA Constitution.


Tom Redmond, passed away in 2014 and in dedication to Tom, OPERA launched the Tom Redmond Trophy, an annual award to an OPERA member(s) who has made a significant contribution to risk reduction within the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Energy Industries.  The award winner will receive the Tom Redmond Trophy (to be returned at the end of each year) and a cash prize of £400. Details of award winners and their achievements will be recorded on the OPERA website.


We are sure that OPERA members agree this is a fitting tribute to Tom and encourage nominations from OPERA members and non-members alike (those nominated must be current OPERA members).

I would like to nominate a friend, colleague or group for the award - how do I nominate?

Nominations are now open for the 2019 Tom Redmond Trophy.


The  winner will receive the Tom Redmond Trophy and a cash prize of £400 which will be presented at the January 2020 OPERA AGM.


Please send your nominations to the OPERA Administrator at [email protected] by end November 2019 stating:


  • Who you are nominating.

  • Why you are nominating them.


Nominations must be for someone who is either an OPERA member or who is associated in some way with OPERA and/or the London Energy insurance market.


The Tom Redmond Trophy recognises those in Oil & Petrochemical risks who have made a recognised contribution to reduce risk.


For example you can nominate:


  • The best/most informative presentation/speaker at one of this year's OPERA events (meetings or seminars).

  • The best/most informative presentation/speaker or technical paper given at one this year's non-OPERA London Insurance market events.

  • The most informative and influential energy market insurance survey report in 2019.

  • The most valuable energy risk reduction recommendation made in 2019.

  • The most valuable London energy market initiative in 2019.


A shortlist will be compiled by the OPERA committee and OPERA members will be invited to vote for the winner.



2016 – Andy Goddard


2017 – Patrick Davison


2018 – Ron Jarvis


2019 – Nigel Cairns